Thermo-mechanical behavior in precision motion control: unified framework for fast and accurate FRF identification

Evers, E., de Jager, B., & Oomen, T.

In IECON 2018 – 44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (pp. 4618 – 4623).


The achievement of higher accuracy and throughput in mechatronic systems using motion control has led to the situation where the thermal effects in mechatronic systems have become increasingly important and have to be actively controlled. In view of achieving overall control performance of interacting thermal and mechanical dynamics, in this paper it is aimed to develop an identification approach that delivers the required model for thermo-mechanical control. A novel technique is developed that leads to a significant reduction in both the estimation error and measurement time compared to traditional identification methods. The proposed approach is applied to a thermo-mechanical system in an extensive experimental study.

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