Virtual PhD defense

On Thursday the 7th of January, at 16:00 I will defend my PhD thesis “Identification and Active Thermomechanical Control in Precision Mechatronics“.

Thermomechanical control system

For next-generation mechatronic systems it is expected that a passive isolation approach to thermally induced deformations is no longer sufficient to achieve the increased requirements on accuracy and throughput.

The main idea pursued in my thesis, is aimed at facilitating a transition towards an active thermomechanical control approach in precision mechatronics by providing contributions in the areas of modeling, actuation and control.

Due to the current pandemic, there is no audience allowed physically in the room.
You are invited to attend my defense virtually through Microsoft Teams.


Hora Est!

On Thursday the 7th of January I successfully defended my PhD Thesis.This means, I can finally add the desired dr.…

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