Thermoelectric Modules in Mechatronic Systems: Temperature-dependent Modeling and Control

Evers, E., Slenders, R., van Gils, R., A.G. de Jager, & Oomen, T. A. E.

In IFAC Mechatronics journal


Active thermal control is crucial in achieving the required accuracy and throughput in many industrial applications, e.g., in the medical, high-power lighting, and semiconductor industry. Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) can be used to both heat and cool, alleviating some of the challenges associated with traditional electric heater based control. However, the dynamic behavior of these modules is non-affine in their inputs and state, complicating their implementation. To facilitate advanced control approaches a high fidelity model is required. In this paper an approach is presented that increases the modeling accuracy by incorporating temperature-dependent parameters. Using an experimental identification procedure, the parameters are estimated under different operating conditions.
The resulting model is used in a feedback linearization approach to linearize the system, facilitating the use of advanced linear control techniques. Moreover, it presents an observer based approach to reconstruct state information in cases where sensor placement is limited. The resulting framework forms a complete approach to temperature-dependent modeling and control of thermoelectric elements.